Seoul’s Punto Blu Launches Y∞n1verse Art Residency + Exhibition

Seongsu-dong's newest social hub reveals its artistic vision

From Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art to the D Museum, Seoul’s art destinations nourish international travelers and inspire Koreans. Punto Blu, however, wants to do both. The brand new venue wants to provide a platform for emerging artists and garner attention from the global art community. Located in Seoul’s Seongsu-dong neighborhood, the open-concept concrete space features a bar, a smattering of chairs and tables, large windows to the outside world and an active residency in an on-site studio. Throughout the artist’s residency, exhibitions will be hosted within the dynamic social spaces. Punto Blu debuted this program with multimedia artist Y∞n1verse—and the visual experience was simply extraordinary.

Curator Jane Lee’s background is international. She returned to Seoul, from professional stints in Europe and the US, to devote her time to the development of Korean artists. Punto Blu has become a channel for their work. In partnership with Kunwoo Christian Kang, Lee and three other creators aim to build a sustainable model for the arts, shying away from the traditional gallery systems. When describing the space and their mission, Lee’s excitement manifests repeatedly—as does her belief in the local art scene, especially that of Punto Blu’s neighborhood.

The work of Y∞n1verse expresses all the values of Punto Blu. Entitled “Flow-in: 유영,” the show features immersive video work, installation pieces and several paintings. It is her paintings that truly tempt the imagination—with each appearing as a snapshot of storm patterns on cosmic bodies. Texture yields vibrance and colors give way to atmosphere. The curatorial team hung the works everywhere, including the ceiling. To stay among them, visitors understand why.

Images courtesy of Punto Blu