Best of CH 2018: Instagram

From our favorite social platform, captivating imagery we snagged from the world over

Without a doubt, iPhone, Pixel and Samsung cameras continue to get better. We’ve observed this ourselves in the process of sharing instant, inspiring moments on the COOL HUNTING Instagram. Now, light carries nuanced impact. Color rings with truth. Speed, well—it might finally be catching up to our wants and wishes. So with that in mind, it’s been another milestone year for our account. Between full-time staff members and our team of global contributors, we’ve captured photos that we’re proud of—that represent the core of what readers find on the site. Design acts as the thread, but lifestyle the needle. In the act of capturing hotels, automobiles, art exhibits and ephemera, we’ve learned lessons about form, color, geometries and movement. And once again we were surprised by what captivated you all—and what didn’t perform to our expectations. Such is the internet, and we love it that way.

Site-Specific Art in NYC

We know no place quite like we know home. This means that finding inspiration in NYC sometimes requires digging in neighborhoods outside of our routine, or relying on artists to shake up the spaces we love. Early in the year, Geronimo did exactly that for Lincoln Center. Likewise, over the summer, United Visual Artists brought an immersive experience to Greenpoint, presented by our friends at A/D/O. Both made us rethink places we love and frequent.


The automotive industry continues to harness the power of design. We’ve lived it through our numerous test drives and road trips. For all the developments and upheavals in the business, this year afforded many opportunities to see the future language of vehicles and cherish the past.

Organized Ephemera

Be it a stroll through Seoul‘s Starfield Library or Osaka‘s Cup Noodles Museum, we found ourselves impressed with the presentation of ephemera once again this year. In these instances, both images were captured while on assignment in Asia, but (as everyone knows) structure tends to perform well on Instagram—and in one’s life regardless of location.

Exploring Mexico

This year found many of us in cities across Mexico. Sometimes we were motivated by hospitality, other times it was the process behind some of our favorite alcohols. With a globally recognized art scene and tourist destinations that offer something for everyone, we have no doubt we’ll return plenty in 2019.

Architecture with Purpose

Whether it’s allowing diners (and hotel guests) an uninterrupted view of the sound in Greenport, Long Island or giving passersby a moment of reprieve to embrace women’s empowerment in Paris, architecture serves more than one purpose. Our eyes need an anchor and hopefully one with meaning or value to one’s spirit.

Images by Cool Hunting