Snappy’s Free Online Game Lets Participants “Play-It-Forward” to the Make-a-Wish Foundation

An all-in-one online gifting platform, Snappy aims to return imagination to the process of giving a gift and make it feel less transactional. Recently, the organization conducted a survey and learned that 55% of the employed Americans they spoke with would appreciate the option to forgo a Christmas gift from their company and have the money donated to charity on their behalf instead. Further, 72% of the people surveyed believe that the pandemic has changed their thoughts on meaningful gift giving. To highlight their mission and these learnings, Snappy has launched a free online game that contributes one dollar per player to the Make-a-Wish Foundation (up to $50,000 this holiday season). Players also have the opportunity to win one of several extraordinary prizes themselves. To learn more, or simply play, head over to Snappy’s winter game online now.

Image courtesy of Snappy App Inc