Premiere: “Wandering, I” by Sunbeam Sound Machine

Debuting dreamy psychedelia from the Melbourne-based band

The internet is awash with video content, and yet there’s something about Sunbeam Sound Machine‘s latest music video that warrants repeat viewings. The Melbourne, Australia-based band has debuted “Wandering, I” off their latest LP Wonderer. The video unveils layer upon layer of dream-pop landscapes and, at its core, semi-autobiographical lyrics lend depths of thought and experience. There’s something that’s reminiscent of Tame Impala, yet entirely distinct.

Director Hamish Mitchell offers insight on the process: “The clip is a psychedelic, washed-out palette paired with rawer harder VHS voyeuristic footage. The clip was an experiment of degrading and processing the analog signal of the footage. With the computer merely being used to piece it together.” The visual aesthetic matches the dream-tones of the track, something Sunbeam Sound Machine band member Nick Sowersby agrees with. “This song is about uncertainty and self-doubt,” he shares with CH. “The production was meant to capture that feeling, and I think Hamish’s clip does an excellent job too.”

Video and images courtesy of Sunbeam Sound Machine