The Mighty Boosh DVDs

by Ariston Anderson


Last month's release of the cult British show Doubles01.jpg

In season two, the setting shifts to a south London flat that serves as home base for the pair's regular adventures to faraway places, discovering the deep sea transexual Old Gregg, tracking down the infamous yeti, battling a demon grandmother and building a community of coconut people on an abandoned island.

The final season takes the series full circle as the action shifts to the Nabootique, a second hand shop in Dalston, which is a front for Naboo's shaman practices. They go head to head with a crack fox who lives in their own mountain of garbage, avoid the fury of the wretched green Hitcher and face internal struggles with the spirit of Jazz.

The strength of the show lies in Barratt and Fielding, who each play a multitude of characters, each one taking on their own universe through voice, costume, movement and oftentimes song. Celebrated both in underground circles and by the likes of Courtney Love, Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd, Jason Segal and Robin Williams, with the DVD release, a new generation of fans will discover their work and eagerly await what comes next. As Barratt said of the U.S. launch, "If it's not too presumptuous, we hope the faint ripples from our strange little show resonate through the American consciousness until they become a deafening roar of love and approval, so all-encompassing and spiritually shattering, that they break down repression and engender a new mystical quasi-sexual religion based on our work." We would expect nothing less.

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Bonus trivia: Fielding maintains a close friendship with fellow British comic Russell Brand.