Thom Yorke feat. Radiohead: Creep (Very 2021 RMX)

Replete with eerie effects and ghostly echoes, Thom Yorke’s new take on Radiohead’s 30-year-old hit “Creep” amps up the gloom. Officially titled “Creep (Very 2021 RMX),” the track features an almost chopped and screwed element that makes it seem strangely paced. Frontman Thom Yorke made the new version for Jun Takahashi’s Autumn/Winter 2021 show, and shared the full nine-minute version along with a statement: “Here is my re-imagined remix version of Creep for 2021, 30 years later. Done for my friend Jun Takahashi, and for a world that is seemingly turning upside down.”