Together For Never Photo Exhibit


Opening tomorrow in Miami and presented by local artists Team Turbo Sex, "Together For Never" is a surreal trio of giant photographs that would fit perfectly above your family's dining room table.

Alexis Mincolla, one half of Team Turbo Sex (TTS), explains that these photographs are a reflection of the notion of contemporary female friendships in Miami. The goal was "to make something that was as creepy as it was beautiful that plays off of a sort of repulsed fascination…to articulate the complex dynamic of close girlfriends and the external societal pressures that occur to them today."

TTS is made up of the self-titled "purveyor of the absurd" Alexis and accomplished Norwegian multimedia artist Stian Roenning. Their previous collaboration, "Black Sunday," uses stop-motion video to cruise through the dark side of Miami's party scene. ("DISCO'S OUT, MURDER'S IN. PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY.") TTS conjured "Together For Never" just in time for Art Basel Miami 2008.

Together For Never
2-7 December 2008
Galerie Bertin-Toublanc
2534 North Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33127 U.S.A. map
tel. +1 305 573 3554