Wave Machines: Wave If You’re Really There


Influenced by drinks, drugs and gravity, the foursome behind Brit band Wave Machines pump out eclectropop hits packed with psychedelic undertones and catchy beats that make you feel like you're floating on air.

But their debut album, Wave If You're Really There, isn't only full of frolicsome tunes. Songs like "Punk Spirit" and "You Say The Stupidest Things" slow it down, showing off their rock 'n' roll attitude that keeps to the background of the more dance-inspiring tracks like "I Go I GO I Go" and "Keep The Lights On."

Set to hit stores 15 June 2009, the album is a perfect match for the summer weather and arrives in just enough time to get you hooked before the season's festival frenzy. Be sure to catch them at this year's Glastonbury or Bestival festivals or check their website for the entire list of upcoming shows.

Wave If You're Really There will be available for purchase from Amazon or you can pre-order now through HMV .