What I Love About Movies

Film magazine Little White Lies surveys 50 notable industry people, from the Coen Brothers to Philip Seymour Hoffman, on their motivations in this new book


Since 2005, Little White Lies has been a unique creative read for film buffs seeking something besides hype. Dedicating each issue largely to a single film, the bi-monthly indie publication broadens the conversation beyond just reviews and interviews by initiating discussions on gender politics, history, technology and more—and strengthening the connection between fans, films and today’s culture. LWLies’ newly published first book, “What I Love About Movies,” digs deeper into what movies, on a personal and cultural level, mean to the people who are making them.

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Over the past nine years of interviewing industry heavyweights for the magazine, LWLies has collected words from the likes of Wes Anderson, the Coen Brothers, Darren Aronofsky, Helen Mirren, Park Chan-wook, Alfonso Cuarón and more. Every one of the 50 names is recognizable, and each piece is accompanied by a carefully written biography and newly commissioned portrait from a different illustrator. In fact, most of the illustrators had the quotes beforehand to incorporate the ideas into their artwork.


“The concept for the book actually arose from a LWLies tradition of routinely asking the question ‘What do you love about movies?’ at the end of interviews,” deputy editor Adam Woodward tells CH. “In nine years of making the magazine, we’ve amassed a vast number of quotes from a diverse mix of actors, directors and film industry figures, and it was quite a task to whittle it down to 50 for the book. Many of the quotes in the book are previously unpublished, so it’s been an amazing opportunity to share these impassioned insights from just some of the people who inspire us in what we do.”

“We are essentially asking these people, why did you dedicate your life to the creation of transitory entertainments which drift through the public consciousness like so many scattered autumn leaves?” writes editor David Jenkins in the amusing introduction, before answering the looming question himself and posing the same to the reader. The answers throughout the book are equally personal and unique, but share one common theme: they deepen the reader’s appreciation for film.


The book is dedicated to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is also featured inside. He describes the mysterious, subconscious-reaching event that takes place inside a dark room: “It’s indelible. It stays with you for a long time. I think that’s why when you go back and watch a film that you loved from when you were younger it’s never quite the same experience. Even though it’s the exact same film.” Overall, the book is an eye-opening survey into the motivations that each person has for dedicating their life to this medium.

“What I Love About Movies” is now available from the Little White Lies shop for £25.

Quentin Tarantino illustration courtesy of ilovedust, William Friedkin illustration courtesy of Hedof, open book images by Cool Hunting