Celebrated Entertainment Company A24’s “Genre” Candles with Joya

Capturing cinematic scents in collaboration with the fragrance studio

Anyone with a whisper of an interest in cinema understands the importance of A24—a film distribution and production company that’s helped award-winners like Moonlight, Room, Ladybird and The Witch get seen. Each year, their roster conjures interest from niche film festivals all the way to wide releases. And rightfully so, as there’s a particular ethos they touch upon in every one of their diverse pictures. To take their unique understanding of movies into the home through a different sense, A24 has partnered with another CH favorite, fragrance design studio Joya. Their six-candle collaborative collection takes the best-known genres and translates each into a delectable scent.

Joya’s masterful fragrance designer Frederick Bouchardy helmed the project’s olfactory development. He began by honing in on key ingredients that could tell the story of the selected genres: horror, western, thriller, noir, adventure and musical. Ultimately, he designed the line with components that stand alone—or can be burned in tandem. Meanwhile, A24 helped envision the package design.

From the concrete, amber and jasmine of Noir to the fig and rainwater of Musical, each candle’s particular universe allures in unexpected ways. Spanish sage and juniper contribute to adventure, while blood orange and tobacco absolute add to Thriller. Western evokes saddle leather and firewood, but bourbon vanilla leaves its lasting impact. And our favorite, Horror burns off scents of clove leaf, cypress and suede. All that’s left to do is light them up and watch a film that matches.

Candle are available at A24’s online shop for $48 each.