Amigos Playing Cards

Three beautifully designed decks featuring cats and astronauts exclusively available through Kickstarter

Amigos-cards-1.jpg amigos-cards-frank-2.jpg

After initially planning to start a fundraiser to support the creation of an online card playing club, web- and iOS-focused creative group Fictive Kin decided to center their campaign on something more tangible—simply, playing cards. Thus, the Amigos Card Club is printing three lovely decks of playing cards just in time for the holidays. To create the Kickstarter-exclusive decks, they reached out to their community and were able to enlist the visual talents of Jessica Hische, Frank Chimero and Alonzo Felix to design their own cards.


Jessica Hische (whose work you’ve seen in the titles and credits of Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” to Dave Eggers’ book covers) created a lovely deck invoking feline royalty, while Alonzo Felix’s deck transports players to a dreamlike outer-space worthy of any astronaut expert. And Frank Chimero’s deck imbues an elegance and refinement that would enchant novice and experienced players. In addition to unique illustrations, the Amigos Card Club chose The Expert Playing Card Company to print the decks. Known throughout the magic world for their remarkable designs and craftsmanship, the company’s involvement makes the decks all the more enticing for players and conjurers.


With the holidays quickly approaching, such products are just what many need to get a group of friends or family around a table for an old-fashioned evening of camaraderie. Back the Amigos Playing Cards Kickstarter—running until 9 November 2014—with a pledge of just $14 and receive a deck of your choice.

Images courtesy of Fictive Kin