Armenia Papers

Biblical aromas from a 17th century incense maker


Rooted in 17th century recipes blending kingly frankincense and myrrh, Armenia Papers have served as a time-tested means of extending the warm aromas of the holiday through the long winter for more than 400 years. Simply light one end and blow out the flame—its accordion fold will waft the perfumed smoke and effectively deodorize the immediate surroundings in just a few minutes.


Traditionally known as “Carta d’Armenia” at Florence’s Santa Marina Novella—one of the oldest continuously operating pharmacies in the world—the Italian-made fragrance strips began garnering world attention in the 1700s, and maintain their popularity in the 21st century, used in exactly the same way either as a handed-down custom or a simple indulgence.

Armenia Papers are available online at Lafco New York for $28 per packet.