Atmosphere Contemporary Globes


The Danish manufacturer Atmosphere produces some of the slickest globes on the market. During ICFF this past weekend, they exhibited for the first time in the U.S. their impressive array of contemporary globes. With a variety of contemporary bases, and minimal black, mint, silver, or white spheres, Atmosphere makes a good case for bringing the globe out of the study and into the living room. Full Circle Vision (above right) and Capital Q (below left), are standard sized globes, roughly 12" in diameter. Tilt (below right), introduced earlier this year at Ambiente in Frankfurt, is an ideal office accessory. At 4 1/3" in diameter, it's not quite small enough to replace the iPhone in your pocket, but it serves as a perfect desktop reminder of the rotundity of our world. (Until holographic technology catches up with science fiction, we still need old fashioned globes to properly give spherical form to our world maps.)


The unofficial word from Atmosphere's representative is that DWR is planning on carrying a few globes later this year, likely through their new Tools for Living shop. Until then, contact Atmosphere directly for product inquiries.

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