Six Bike Baskets


If you've ever walked through Manhattan's Union Square green market early in the morning, you might have noticed the jury-rigged bicycles chefs use to transport their produce purchases. Cycling city streets with a cargo platform, though, is not a task to be taken lightly. With spring just around the corner and nature's bounty soon spilling into markets nationwide, we thought a timely round-up of handy bicycle baskets most appropriate.

Top on the list is the Bakers_Basket.jpg


For artisan enthusiasts, the Carrie_Basket.jpg

We couldn't help but include the lacy plastic Carrie (left) by Marie-Louise Gustafsson for Design House Stockholm. It may be a bit decorative, but the rugged material and carrying strap meld form and function, making it a no-brainer for market use. It's available in black, white or green for $55 at liftoffbasket.jpg