Budnitz Bicycles No.5

A gender neutral step-through cruiser joins the line of precision-built titanium bikes

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Since its inception in summer 2011, Budnitz Bicycles has garnered a notable following amongst design and cycle enthusiasts alike for their precision-built titanium bikes. Following in the tracks of their first four frame designs, today we see the release of the No.5, a gender neutral step-through city cruiser. The versatile frame design combines top-quality materials and components—domestically sourced where possible—with the innovative split-tube cantilever frame design that’s quickly become the signature of the young bike brand.


The cantilever frame is meant to absorb road rumble while improving handling, and the step-through design opens the door for female riders, which hasn’t explicitly been addressed by the company in previous designs. While the step-through design is often associated with added weight, the aerospace-grade titanium easily pushes this old notion aside. All in all the high performance design is as fit for daily commutes in the city as it is for weekend cruising. Disc brakes and internal cable routing keep the ride safe and looking sharp.


Like the No.1 and No.3 bikes, the No.5 is available in titanium and steel versions, selling for $4,800 and $2,600 respectively. Aside from price, the new design introduces a couple new color options to the line as well. For a closer look at the all new No.5 see the slideshow.

Images courtesy of Budnitz Bicycles