Børk Blankets

Iceland's multidisciplinary creative studio introduces four graphic quilts to be made by 66°NORTH


While the life of a digital designer often leads down different paths and to various projects, most work produced is often temporary and intangible. To make something more permanent, four graphic designers from Reykjavik-based multidisciplinary creative studio Børk decided to create their own brief: experiment in product design while keeping illustration and graphic design at the core. The result is a collection of blankets, digitally printed on organic cotton and lined with technical fabric from renowned Icelandic outdoor brand 66°NORTH. While visiting Iceland this past week for DesignMarch and RFF, we had the opportunity to speak with the designers and see the initial prototypes.

SigurdurOddsson-Bork.jpg Hrefna-Sigurdardottir-Bork.jpg

With such an open concept, each of the graphic designers involved were free to do as they pleased, resulting in four unique stories rooted in Icelandic culture. Siggi Odds‘ “Under Feld” design depicts intertwined bodies in the shape of a brain, referencing the old Icelandic adage “Undir Feld” (literally translating to “under the fur”) which means taking time to think about an important decision. Hrefna Sigurðardóttir takes a more literal approach, creating the “Fjaðrafellir” quilt for people to wrap themselves in—the same way Common Eider mother birds wrap their feather-less young on cold nights.

GeirOlafsson-Bork.jpg Thorleifur-Gunnar-Gislason-Bork.jpg

Geir Ólafsson‘s “Vāmācāra” features geometric shapes inspired by 17th century Icelandic symbols said to hold magic powers. While Thorleifur Gunnar Gíslason‘s “Eyvindur” quilt design is inspired by a pair of outlaws who fled to the country’s remote wilderness in 1760. The enchanting gradient illustration captures the very mountain ranges where the two hid for some 20 years.

Currently in the early stages as production details continue to be squared away with 66°NORTH, the blankets are expected to be ready for purchase in the coming months. Sign up for the Børk mailing list to be notified once all designs are available.

Images courtesy of Børk