Chakrubs Crystal Sex Toys

Chic, dye-free objects for thoughtful pleasure made from stones like black onyx and rose quartz


As an alternative to the vast array of technologically advanced sex toys, New York-based Chakrubs offers quite the opposite: simple, chic crystal sex toys. The stones have been carefully sourced from around the world, then shaped and polished without chemicals or dyes at select lapidaries. These all-natural toys draw inspiration from the metaphysical principles some associate with certain crystals and stones—all of which coincides with the chakra system. The aim, ultimately, is therapeutic stimulation, but their minimalist aesthetic alone is beautiful. There’s no need to hide this in your bedside table drawer.


Chakrubs founder Vanessa Cuccia developed the idea while working part-time at a sex toy shop and hosting a spiritual teacher at her home. Her source materials vary from black onyx and rose quartz to aventurine and white jade—with each stone bearing its own purported emotional and spiritual impact. Chakrubs have also been featured by ArtHamptons 2014 and NYC’s The Hole Gallery’s “Future Feminism” exhibition as interactive sculptures and functional art. Altogether, love is at the core of each Chakrub development and that itself is evident. These are thoughtful, luxury objects hand-shaped with a view in mind to deliver more than an orgasm.


You can purchase Chakrubs sex toys online, where prices range from $95 to $150 depending on the source stone. They are available in both original and slim sizes.

Images courtesy of Chakrubs