Disturbance at the Great Eastern Hotel

The future starts in London this weekend, with Disturbance at the Great Eastern Hotel. It's a showcase for fourteen design students from the Royal College of Art, and includes new product ideas scattered around the hotel that are meant to provoke participation and interaction.

Flying Fish Bowl
Punch N Cuddle Bag

Of the eighteen pieces on show, I've picked out three of my favorites.

Brit Leissler's Punch'n'Cuddle Bag is what you would get if you crossed a beanbag with a punchbag. It's described as being the "ultimate domestic companion for both lovin' and hatin'".

Flying Fish Bowl by Shay Alkalay is a revolving home for your pet goldfish, giving it a constantly changing view. Despite apparently having a memory span that lasts just seconds, now there's absolutely no need to worry that Jaws is bored.

Best of all are Yael Mer's Rocking Slippers. A clothing/furniture hybrid, put them on and rock away, Just remember to take them off when you've had enough.

Disturbance at the Great Eastern runs from 6 May until 20 May 2006.

Rocking Boots