Peter Marigold: Make/Shift Shelving


I first met Peter Marigold at Disturbance last Spring, which was a showcase for design students from the Royal College of Art at London's Great Eastern Hotel. Even though I didn't write about it at the time, I was really impressed by Peter's design for a shelving system where individual wedge-shaped units slot together and expand to fill the space in which they're used. The inspiration for Make/Shift, he told me, came from the way things were stored backstage at a theatre and the prototypes he was showing at the time were built from pine.

Peter has since graduated and I'm really pleased to say that his genius idea is now being produced by flexible furniture specialists Movisi. Instead of wood, Make/Shift is now made out of a foam-like material called Arpro, and you can buy the relatively inexpensive kits in black, white or pink. Ideal if you move around a lot or (like me) you're useless at putting up conventional shelves.

Make/Shift is available online from Movisi