The IceOrb is an impressive little container. It makes ice cubes, stores them, can chill your drink or keep other foods cold.

The IceOrb can make 21 cubes at a time. Remove the container, fill it up with water (or anything else you want frozen), and replace it. The container forces the water into the ice cube trays. When the ice is frozen you remove the container and can easily pop the cubes out. If you just want to make ice, you can place the cubes in the container and make another round (the container holds around two and a half batches).

If the container is empty you can put ice cream or anything else you want chilled in it. When you travel the ice surrounding it keeps the contents cool—ideal for ice cream or chilling a bottle of wine. The container's lid fits neatly under the IceOrb to prevent condensation from getting the surface wet.

The IceOrb measures 6" around and 5" tall, and is available for $16 from Fusion Brands. There's a video on the page that nicely illustrates its many uses.