The LaVista Bedroom Collection from Jelínek

The historic Czech furniture-maker presents its first design-oriented bedroom set


Though family-owned furniture brand Jelínek (based in the Czech town of Valašské Meziříčí) was founded in 1897, this is the first time in its long history that the company has worked with a designer to produce a contemporary collection of solid wood furniture—and the results of the experiment are pretty stunning. “With my LaVista furniture collection, I wanted to link quality craftsmanship with the traditional elements, but in a different context,” says Czech designer Jaroslav Juřica of Hubero Kororo on their collaboration.


Tireless experimenter and the creator of numerous conceptual objects on the border of design and fine art, Juřica gave a new direction to the company and created a timeless series—including a bed, bench and chest of drawers. He continues the success of his minimalist Chair 002 (made of just three pieces) for Ton, and works with the material and its construction in a natural and elegant way. In the LaVista series, Juřica used traditional techniques and shape archetypes. The bed’s unusual headboard, for example, is inspired by the classic Windsor chair. A shared theme throughout collection is the use of drawers, which are not only part of the dressers and bench, but also the bed, where they form a small, elegant integrated bedside table that almost looks as if it is floating.


The newest release from Jelínek carpentry is a symbiosis of modern timeless design, traditional joinery techniques and—last but not least—inspiration from local folk architecture and furniture. The LaVista collection promises to be the first of many future design collaborations from this transparent furniture manufacturer (which reveals stats like it takes 241 hours of labor, 26 people and 1.4m³ of wood to create one bed, dresser and desk), and brings attention to its burgeoning design scene.

Images courtesy of Jelínek