Lugi Furniture

Upstart Czech furniture brand collaborates with high profile design talent

by Adam tch

It seems that Czech design production is well on its way to a full-blown renaissance. Several new companies emerged on the market last year, and older ones are innovating on production techniques, aesthetics and philosophy. One of the most interesting and dynamic players in the design field today is a young carpentry brand named Lugi.

Founded in 1994 by passionate climber Michal Peina, the company specializes in custom carpentry for luxury interiors and architectural projects, mainly in the residential sector. From their headquarters in an old industrial plant in Libice and Vltavou close to Prague, they have realized many custom made interiors in collaboration with prominent Czech architects and designers.


Two years ago, the company decided to extend its production with a standing furniture collection. Michal Peina met young industrial designer Matj Chabera and appointed him as creative director of the company and its new line of furniture and accessories. Chabera, at the time a student at Royal College of Art in London, prepared a whole new philosophy for the company based on minimalist, simple, solid and luxurious wooden furniture.


The result was the first collection of contemporary functional pieces designed by Matj Chabera in his robust yet modest style. The actual collection includes cubic tables with cylindrical storage space inside (Box 01), free-standing coat hangers (Coatstand 02) and an interesting towel stand based on the utilitarian A-frame (Servant 02). All the pieces feature massive wood and precise production techniques. “We want offer very simple furniture where the quality and volume of the wood will be a true value and luxury for our customers,” says Chabera.


Last month, Lugi exhibited at Salone del Mobile for the first time. Its booth at MOST presented the first collection, some newer pieces by Matj Chabera as well as a collaboration with Paris-based Czech designer Lucie Koldov. She designed Wrap, an elegant series of side tables inspired by sheets of paper and made of two pieces of plywood rolled into one compact wrap. Lugi’s new line of kitchen accessories was also introduced.

Images courtesy of Lugi