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Il Sole sui Tetti

A Florentine light show plays on the city’s renaissance structures


Il Sole sui Tetti (The Sun on the Roofs), a project of contemporary culture and communication, is a citywide installation created by Felice Limosani for Gruppo 24 ORE. This evocative and spectacular event takes place in the heart of the city of Florence—the first edition was launched in June 2011, while the second is on display now through 15 January, 2012.


The majestic renaissance Palazzo Strozzi is the core of “Luci e Ombre” (Lights and Shadows), a video mapping aiming to evoke the big transformations of today’s culture, economy and society. This site-specific work sees an ambitious counterpart in a fascinating network of rays of light, symbolically and visually linking the towers and domes of some of the most beautiful squares of Florence. Departing from Forte Belvedere to the Basilica of Santa Croce, from the tower of Palazzo Vecchio to Giotto’s bell tower in Piazza del Duomo, the rays of white light link various parts of the city, creating new points of view on the city’s iconic beauty.


Felice Limosani tells us that Il Sole sui Tetti was born as a visualization of a clear message: the change in perspective between reality and imagination. The first edition’s setting were some of the most beautiful terraces in Florence, endowed with mirrors and special machinery which gave new and artistic visions on the city. The new project draws on the aesthetics of light and shadows with the languages of video art, performance and light art photography. It’s a tale of light and creates shadows that allow us to understand the light itself. A metaphor to inspire new light to be contrasted to the old shadows.”

Il Sole sui Tetti

Palazzo Strozzi

Florence, Italy 50123


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