Luna Seo

Prisms reflect "That Piece of Time" in a young designer's new collection


Seoul-born designer Luna Seo integrates prisms into her new collection, “That Piece of Time”, capitalizing on both the symbolism and unique refractive qualities of the prism as a metaphorical reminder of small daily wonders. “The prism is a medium that represents pieces of time,” says Seo. “It unveils pieces of time through the meetings between light and light-refracting materials. The idea is that these objects grasp time from the sunlight and shed unexpected, unrepeatable moments.”


A recent graduate from the Konstfack in Stockholm, Seo’s collection premiered at the Konstfack Degree Show and will show again at Tent London during the London Design Festival this September. The collection includes a vase and a coffee table, both items showcasing Seo’s desire to awaken a sense of surprise and a renewed appreciation for nature in her viewer.


The coffee table is made from solid walnut and is comprised of two levels separated by a glass prism. The prism refracts light onto the floor below and also reveals the graphic hidden beneath the table depending on the viewer’s vantage point. Similar to the table, Seo’s vase is comprised of a prism suspended from a stainless steel rod and granite base.”As expected, the role of the vase is ultimately to hold flowers,” explains Seo. “This vase also creates its own blossoms in time with the collaboration of the sun. It shows what is embedded inside daylight and reveals its beauty.”


For more information regarding pricing and availability, check out Seo’s website.