Marmo Table by Ólöf Jakobína

A design concept referencing Iceland's bright architecture against the unforgiving landscape

Marmo-marble-table1.jpg Marma-marble-table2.jpg

A relative newcomer to the Nordic design community, Iceland has been making strides in recent years thanks to DesignMarch, an annual event hosted citywide in Reykjavik. We were lucky enough to attend once again this year, which is where we came across furniture and interior designer Ólöf Jakobína and her Marmo table concept. The beautiful set of side tables feature a powder-coated steel base topped with a clean slab of Bianco Carrara marble. The cold rock and splash of color come together in contemporary Icelandic form, referencing the brightly colored architecture that peppers the country’s stark, barren landscape.

The table is still just a concept, and Jakobína is currently looking for a manufacturer for the new design. For more information about the Marmo table and other designs visit her often updated blog.

Images courtesy of Ólöf Jakobína