MoMA Design Store: Destination Portugal

Tapping Portugal as their next port of call, the newest in the MoMA Design Store's Destination Series will highlight products from emerging and established designers. Launching in May 2010 with a limited run of a few months, the collection showcases over 100 products, many of which are available for the first time outside of Portugal. Many of the products use traditional materials, techniques and leverage eco design principles. CH recently got a sneak peak at the collection and we've highlighted a few favorites. For a look back at previous collections, check out Brazil, Seoul and Japan.


Cork Umbrella
Pelcor offers an exciting new way to stay dry with their umbrella made from the bark of a cork oak tree. Lightweight but durable, the umbrella is environmentally-friendly and naturally waterproof. $165


La.Ga Bag
Made of Tyvek, the La.Ga bag from designer Jorge Moita of Kru Kurva is paper thin yet can carry over 100 pounds and is designed to sit on your shoulder (by putting your arm through the holes). The Parque Serralves edition featured at the MoMA Design Store celebrates the 20th anniversary of the award-winning park that celebrates landscape design heritage. $45


Ceramic Perpetual Calendar
The perpetual calendar, designed by Spal Studio, cleverly keeps track of both dates and office items like paperclips with its hidden compartments. Words are written in Portuguese, Spanish and English. $78

Olive Wood and Cork Jar
Created by interior and industrial designer Albio Nascimento of The Home Project, the elegant jar is made from recycled wine bottles. $38


Set of Three Recycled Milk Containers
Blindesign cofounders Rita Melo and Rita Carriho encourage "social creativity" with their line of sustainable products crafted from old milk cartons that are stitched inside-out by the women in a prison outside Lisbon. $36

Handle Felt Stool
The playful felt-covered stool created by eccentric product designer Fernando Brizio for Temahome is comprised of Nordic Birch wood, providing a sturdy frame for its soft surface. $495

MoMA Design Store Destination Portugal is made possible through their partners which include TemaHome, the Ministry of Culture, Portugal, Fundação de Serralves and aicep Portugal Global.