OKOLO Magazine Explores Design in Lausanne

A look inside the studio of former ECAL students, Le Corbusier's parents' beach house and more in the annual design publication

ECAL-in-Lausanne-1.jpg ECAL-in-Lausanne-2.jpg

With an eye for design, architecture, art, fashion and culture in general, Prague-based creative group OKOLO has been on our radar since we first met co-founder and publication Editor-in-Chief Adam tch (who is also a CH contributor) during 2012’s Milan Design Week. In the time since, the ambitious side project has continued to flourish in the world of print, and evolve in the physical realm with experiences in exhibition curation and product collaboration. For their most comprehensive publication to date, the OKOLO team ventured to Lausanne, Switzerland to see what there was to discover within and around the context of design. The resulting editorials, interviews, studio visits and more make up the expansive and incredibly attractive issue.


A surprise for some and reiteration for others, the French-speaking city of Lausanne is a venerable hotspot for design in both the past and present. While visiting, the OKOLO team spent time at renowned ECAL university as well as visiting the studios, workshops and homes of several young designers working in the area around Lake Geneva who’ve recently received degrees from the prestigious institution. With this, the reader gets a glimpse into the individuals’ worlds through insightful images, quotes and possessions.


Though the contemporary creative scene is of course worth an abundance of attention, OKOLO took the opportunity to shed fresh light on the modernist masters that have left their mark on the region decades ago. The highlight of which would have to be a survey of Le Corbusier’s parents’ beach house, built in 1923-1924 in Corseaux. The Villa “Le Lac” became a place of experimentation for the famed designer, as he returned many times over his life to add and subtract, as well as work on ideas for which he would eventually become renowned.


Published once yearly, OKOLO magazine is a rare publication not to be missed by design enthusiasts. Visit OKOLO online for a more comprehensive look at the creative group’s latest achievements and daily doings. The Laussane Magazine can be found in a number of stores in Berlin (Do You Read Me), Amsterdam (Atheneaneum) and Prague. For those outside such cities contact OKOLO for worldwide shipping options.

Images courtesy of OKOLO