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Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak's new Chinatown venture, Project No. 8, yields a new breed of concept boutique. The eighth of the pair's collaborative endeavors, the store's initial offering includes a wide range of international and local designers, including Boudicca, Tucker, Anuschka Hoevener, RO-BERT, and A Dètacher. Found objects like the "perfect weight pen" from Kaweco, a German pen manufacturer, add an element of discovery to the mix, while Beers and Janusiak's small men's selection featuring shirts and knits from another of their collaborations, Project No. 13, gives the collection a homegrown flavor.

Project No. 6 (Non-verbal communication mittens) are hand-woven variations on classic winter wear (pictured above right) and the first in a series of items from Project No. 8 that CH will be featuring over the next several days. The mittens are $50 each and can be ordered by contacting the store at +01 212 925 5599.

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