Built to Resi(s)t

Eastpak partners with Quinze & Milan for a line of sofas with pockets


As backpacks continue to trend as popular accessories this season, the classic brand Eastpak is carving an entirely new path for itself. Its latest collaboration with avant-garde furniture label Quinze & Milan is a collection of rather sporty furniture pieces appealing more to the desire to sit still rather than hike a mountain.

QuinzeMilanEastpak2.jpg QuinzeMilanEastpak3.jpg

The special-edition, Built to Resi(s)t Collection, unveiled earlier this year at Milan’s furniture fair consists of a series of lightweight multi-pocketed furniture units that hold books, magazines, remote controls, laptops—anything—in their variously-sized pouches. While Eastpak’s no stranger to joint projects with other designers and brands, this marks the company’s first cross-disciplinary partnership to produce a product beyond shoulder-slingers.

Though the collection isn’t available for sale yet, the first models off the production line will be the “Club Sofa 01” and the “Primary Pouf 2,” a love seat and an ottoman respectively, fashioned in the form of classic Quinze & Milan designs. They’ll feature an assortment of different colors and prints, as well as fabrics—from Eastpak’s classic textured nylon to a shinier leather-like material.

QuinzeMilanEastpak4.jpg QuinzeMilanEastpak5.jpg

Quinze & Milan, a Belgian company, is known for its boundary-pushing approach to design based on challenging consumers to look at furniture as atmospheric components rather than a solitary objects. This collection certainly meets those expectations—both in design and by redefining our expectations of iconic brands and their products.

For more information, go to Eastpak’s website.

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