Mueslii Backpacks

Backpacks that borrow from puff jackets, in every color of the rainbow

mueslii-backpack2l.jpg mueslii-backpack7.jpg

Based in New Zealand and Italy, the new label Mueslii purposefully applies an international aesthetic to their line of backpacks, fusing local design with Chinese handmade production that results in a modern bag for day trips and other adventures.


The distinctive design of their latest collection, Rotorua (named for the New Zealand town they call home), takes the puff coat as inspiration, de-contextualizing the parka’s material in a fresh color palette. Made of padded nylon, the compact bags come either with a front pocket or without—the latter big enough to fit a small laptop.


Mueslii’s simple and straightforward approach to design, chiefly inspired by colors, curiosity, fanaticism and attention to detail and focused on creating long-lasting products, makes for an iconic feel ahead of seasons, times and fads. Contact them at hello [at] mueslii [dot] com to learn more.