Razor Pit

Extend the life of your razor with a simple sharpening device


Electric razors cut down on the waste and cost of blades that have only have a few uses, but nothing quite compares to the nice close shave of a razor. One very low-tech solution I learned about recently, called
Razor Pit
, dramatically extends the life of any razor blade cartridge.

I’ve been using the same blade six days a week for more than three weeks—three times longer than usual. In my experience, cleaning the blade after each use with the Pit, keeps the edge pretty consistently sharp. While it doesn’t maintain its first-use level and does decrease slowly over time, it wears down at a much slower rate.

To use it, all you do is put some shaving cream on the surface and push the razor away from you (the opposite of how you’d use it on your face). That’s it. It literally only takes a few seconds to extend the life of your blade many times over.

The Razor Pit sells online from the Grooming Lounge for $25 or look in their local Washington, DC and Tyson’s Corner stores.