Happiest Baby Launches SNOO, a Smart and Safe Crib

Helping infants develop healthier sleeping habits, benefitting children and parents

Happiest Baby founder Dr. Harvey Karp has stepped beyond his wildly popular parenting books and videos and launched his first product—and it’s one that infants and parents will both benefit from. Designed with Yves Béhar, SNOO is a smart crib that doesn’t just robotically rock a baby to sleep—it tracks the child’s level of distress based on their cries and moves accordingly—with slow sways, quick jiggles or rocking.

The smart crib has been in development for over four years (Karp and Béhar initially worked with MIT engineers) and the final result isn’t meant to replace a parent or guardian, but rather make their job a little easier and improve the wellbeing of both baby and parent. Sleep is one of the most important factors in maintaining health, and SNOO has been designed to ensure that everybody in the house rests better and longer. More than just the rocking and swaying motion, SNOO also incorporates some of Dr Karp’s famed “Five Ss” (Swaddle, Side or Stomach position, Shush, Swing and Suck). A protective swaddle keeps the baby safe from rolling around—in fact, it’s not a swaddle at all. Dubbed a “sleep sack,” Karp’s creation includes wings that secure to the sides of the bassinet, meaning the infant remains on his/her back all night. The crib also produces three different types of gentle white noise to help soothe, calm and lull them to sleep.

As mentioned, SNOO isn’t a replacement for a parent, nanny or guardian. If a baby is restless or distressed for three minutes, the clever crib shuts off, recognizing the child might need feeding, a diaper change or human interaction. The crib does, however, train babies in healthy and more consistent sleep patterns—which is better for them and also gives parents more hours of continuous sleep each night. Any new parent knows that is almost priceless.

Of course all these features—and a child’s health—are the most important factors at play. But the design (by the talented Béhar) cannot be ignored. Functionality and form are balanced across the product, from the minimal mesh walls (which also increase breathability) to the unobtrusive button which is set flush with the sleek wood base. SNOO doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics despite all its technical features, and its clean, minimal design works in any nursery.

Measuring 30 by 16 by 32 inches, the SNOO comes with an organic fitted sheet and three “SNOO Sacks” and costs $1,160. Dr Karp hopes that it’s just the first in many helpful products for parents and newborns.

Images courtesy of SNOO