Who is Happy

An app for cannabis consumers to share their positive vibes


As marijuana continues to be legalized in various states in America, all things pot-related are gaining traction and new concepts are popping up all over the place—from different edibles to cannabis florists. One such newcomer (hailed as “Foursquare for stoners”) is Paulo Costa’s app Who is Happy.

Incredibly simple and playful, the app’s main goals are to have users feel like they’re part of a community and to spread positive vibes. Users who have consumed cannabis just tap the “happiness” icon (a winking smiley face, no less), which causes a green vapor to appear on the map (within one kilometer, so there’s no need to worry about sharing your exact location). Then users can see their proximity to other “happy” people and peruse the world map to see who is having the best time. The app also offers users the ability to monitor their country’s stats—from the happiest day so far to the happiest time of day.

Costa’s inspiration for the app might not be what many expect: “At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, an illness that is showing promising results from treatment with cannabis mainly with regards to controlling seizures,” he tells CH. “I take two types of medication twice daily which radically affect my coordination, cognition and memory. The prohibition of cannabis use in this case is complete nonsense; there are many medical research centers with advanced studies showing that the proper use can improve the quality of life without severe side effects for patients. It’s devastating to know that most of the world’s population is denied access to such simple, effective treatment.”

More than anything though, Costa says his app is about fun and sharing information. He tells CH, “We work hard for Who is Happy and want it to start a discussion around legalization and different uses in different countries.”

Who is Happy is available for free download from iTunes now.

Images by Cool Hunting