Six Worthwhile “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Collaborations

From droid companions to customizable sneakers, our favorite products celebrating the galaxy far, far away

With all the hype and excitement leading up to the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” it’s no surprise several brands have jumped on the bandwagon (or, Millennium Falcon) and come up with some very playful collaborations. From bold tropical-meets-intergalactic shirts to mini replica astro-droids, there’s a Star Wars collab product for enthusiasts and super-fans alike. Here are six of our recent favorites that make the wait bearable until the film’s December 2015 release.

Rebel Alliance Fleet Blueprint

Since Princess Leia shower curtains aren’t for everybody, this Rebel Alliance Fleet ($10-$190) blueprint poster is a subtle but playful way to show off one’s devotion to the films at home. Including specific information about the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Fighters and Snowspeeders, the poster might—at first glance—seem like any regular, technical blueprint, but upon closer inspection, true fans will gaze with excitement.

BB-8™ by Sphero

Like R2D2, BB-8 is an astromech droid, and now you can have your very own mini replica—and even command it when paired with a smartphone app. Sphero’s BB-8™ droid ($150) is not only super-cute, it’s also advanced. The droid has an adaptive personality that changes as you interact with it, a diverse range of expressions and can even display holographic recordings.

Covergirl Nail Polish

Attesting to just how much Star Wars inspires aesthetically is an unlikely collab with beauty brand Covergirl. (Surprisingly, it’s not the first of its kind—Yves Saint Laurent did a similar makeup collaboration with the franchise in the ’90s.) Featuring daring lipstick shades like dark purple and gold, the collection also has something for the more demure: six nail polish colors ($6) with names like “Speed of Light.”

adidas Custom Superstar and ZX Flux Sneakers

The only thing more fun than customizing your own sneakers is customizing with Star Wars-themed details. From Stormtrooper shell-toes to glossy CP30-style all-over gold, adidas’ custom options—available for Superstar and ZX Flux styles—can be as over-the-top or subtle as you choose. The Star Wars logo patterned laces alone are sure to brighten any morning.

Chewy Tropical Shirt

Hawaiian shirts aren’t for the timid, but this On The Byas button-down steer clears of overt corniness, while still embracing the kitsch factor of both Star Wars and tropical prints. The 100% cotton shirt ($50) is a classic short-sleeve with a chest pocket, but upon a closer look, features Princess Leia and Chewbacca standing in between the palm trees.

Nixon Ranger Imperial Watch

With a subtle Empire marker at 12 o’clock, Nixon’s Ranger Imperial Watch ($400) is perhaps the most discreet of the brand’s Star Wars collaboration. All black (save for the red date number), the watch’s hands are inspired by the ventilation channels on Imperial Pilots’ helmets. The Stormtrooper and Imperial Pilot collections are currently available, while Darth Vader (aptly ominous) is coming.

Images courtesy of respective brands