littleBits + Star Wars’ Droid Inventor Kit

A tech set for all genders, aimed at inspiring young minds

When littleBits joined forces with the Disney Accelerator program last year the teams’ mutual goal was to encourage more girls to experiment with STEM/STEAM (science, tech, engineering and math) without making a product that was gendered. Star Wars—thanks to Princess Leia, a strong female lead and a tech-savvy human—was the perfect fit. Launching today, the Droid Inventor Kit designed by both littleBits and Lucasfilm is meant to appeal to kids of all genders.

The kit comes with six Bits, 20 Droid parts, three sticker sheets, and the free Droid Inventor app—which includes easy-to-follow instructions and video tutorials for creating and customizing the droids. The app offers ideas on using household items to further customize creations, and there are 16+ activities and missions for the Droids. Of course, children can reconfigure and create any kind of Droid they can imagine—ignoring the instructions and using their imaginations and skills.

Perhaps most exciting for Star Wars fans, the team at Lucasfilm has offered 20 authentic R2 Unit sounds to have the Droid—no matter its mission or manifestation—sound like the real thing.

Made with elementary school aged children in mind, the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit is available online for $100.

Images courtesy of littleBits