The Green Bakery


This new green bakery, said to be the first of its kind, just re-opened (following a brief preview in November it was closed for additional construction) in New York's East Village. All of the materials used in its construction are green, and the site gives details on all of the products. It's a thought about what a neighborhood bakery could be; a complete expression of its organic/green identity. Milk paint, Bamboo, Ultra Touch, Wheat Board and cork are some of the materials used in the bakery, and all of the ingredients used in the products are organic.

After a day of heated discussion on New York's food blogs, the presumption that Maury Rubin of The City Bakery was behind the new bakery was confirmed in New York Metro.

"Birdbath" Bakery (code named after the sunflower seed husks used in one of the materials): 223 First Avenue (south of 14th Street). Open daily "until the cookies are sold."