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Three Better-than-Wallpaper Wall Coverings

Wallpaper trends wax and wane, but in the end it's still just eye candy. These three new takes on wall coverings grabbed our attention recently at an exhibit during the London Design Festival called "In Production" for the ways they add new dimensions—both literally and figuratively. Susan Bradley's multi-purpose Outdoor Wallpaper (pictured left) is a laser cut metal pattern designed to function as a trellis, a screen or simply as decoration. Only slightly more traditional, Timorous Beasties are well known for their maximalist decorative prints for textiles and wallpapers, which have been described as “William Morris on acid.†We dig the dramatic monochrome Iguana Wallpaper (pictured center). Nature also runs wild with Wok Media's Lunuganga, an asymmetrical branch that affixes to the wall. Is it a shelf? A hanger? Or is it just decoration? Maybe it’s all three. Wok Media say, “The piece is a response to the flooded, jungly environment we were suddenly thrown into when we went to work in Sri Lanka.†We’re not sure about the flooding but we like the idea of branches growing out of our boringly flat walls.

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