Tom Dixon: Interior Worlds


Over the past two decades, Tom Dixon made an indelible mark on the world of furniture design. His S-Bend chair, Soft System couch and Mirrorball light (pictured) are all modern classics and he ranks among the biggest names in British design. His latest work is a hefty tome called “Interior Worlds.” Though more images the words, the main editorial thrust is defining the infamous "D-word" of design. Dixon takes the approach that it’s an activity enjoyed by almost everybody on a constant basis. The clothes you wear, the order of books on your self, the plants in your garden—all design choices.

With this in mind, the book presents a series of nearly 700 photographs, half of which are taken by Dixon himself. The entirely pedestrian images juxtapose things like the chipping paint on chairs, snowflakes and vegetation with the designers work. It simultaneously traces the origins of his inspiration, while giving an overview of the design process. The book is separated into six different isms: materialism, constructivism, expressionism, primitivism, reductionism and futurism. For each section, he gives a brief introduction with some personal and historical context for his conception of each category.

The book itself was designed by Dixon with a handsome canvas cover emblazoned with an introductory essay. Available in March 2009, you can currently pre-order "Interior Worlds" on the Amazon or the Rizzoli site.