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Trevor Paglen + Kate Crawford’s AI Photography Exhibition, “Training Humans”

On view now at Fondazione Prada, Training Humans (a collaboration by artists Trevor Paglen and Kate Crawford) is the first-ever show dedicated to the training images used to teach artificial intelligence how to view people. They’re the lessons for learning how to “see” like us. Training Humans comprises photographs from the 1960s to the present, and aims to uncover how machines are trained to identify and understand emotion, gender and race—and how biases find their way into AI programs. “Teaching machines to ‘see’ like people means replicating not only the internal logic of human visual protocol, but also inheriting the external power systems that inform our judgements—and to understand the status of today’s artificial intelligence systems, we must look closely at what has been used to train them,” Document Journal writer Camille Sojit explains. Read more there.

Image courtesy of FERET Dataset

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