Urban Croquet


One of the last Anglo pastimes to be mined for its kitschy irony, croquet is getting a makeover for playing in cemented environments. A concept in conjunction with Adidas, Alice Kaiserswerth redesigned the croquet set for use in urban areas, liberating the sport from its stuffy past on English lawns.

With its clever design, the hoops can be stuck in grass, like traditional versions, or flip them upside down and a weighted top adapts them for hard surfaces. The ball features raised dots, enabling traction and the durable plastic material can take scuffs and bumps from asphalted surfaces.


The revamped equipment even includes a new Adidas croquet shoe that features a recessed circle in the sole to hold the ball in place and extra protection on the side for when you miss the ball and hit your foot. Mallets fold away into a colorful carrying case for portability. Look out for a pick-up game in a parking lot near you.


via Yanko