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Romain Lagrange’s beautifully crafted set for indoor croquet


Nearly 300 years after King Louis XIV of France banned the game of croquet because it couldn’t be played during winter, French-born designer Romain Lagrange brings the royal pass-time inside from the fields with Gates. This simplified interior adaptation neatly bundles two mallets, six gates and two stakes in one clean, portable package. And although it’s been around the web as of recent we love the beautiful combination of wood, cork and leather and wanted to share in case you missed it.

RomainLagrange_Gates_2.jpg RomainLagrange_Gates_3.jpg

All materials used were specifically chosen to realize the project in its ideal form, as Lagrange told CH, “the cork absorbs the blows and will not damage the floor of the house, while the resistance of the leather elevates all parts of the game.” When asked about their aesthetic properties he explained that the uniquely beautiful grain of Maple made it a perfect fit for all pieces in the game. Adding that the wood’s sturdy weight was key in designing the gate’s unique shape as well—as to keep it upright even after being hit with the ball.

RomainLagrange_Gates_4.jpg RomainLagrange_Gates_5.jpg

For those outdoor devotes that fear the physical experience may be lost by playing indoors Lagrange swears the sound produced when the ball hits the gates is something unique to the materials that cannot be imitated elsewhere. This, combined with the expert combination of essential materials is sure to bring croquet inside from the depths of dark garages everywhere.


Although not if full production yet, Lagrange is currently in negotiations to bring this gem to the masses soon. For now head over to his personal site to learn more about Gates and other projects.


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