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Party games that go from summer to fall with Tanqueray

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Nothing livens up the night like a dash of friendly competition. The sophisticated host will know how to keep party guests on their toes, so in that vein Cool Hunting has picked a handful of ace party games for your next gathering. Played well with a Tanqueray cocktail in hand, these civilized diversions—whether you prefer a familiar classic or more exotic challenge—put just enough spirit into the proceedings to start the night right.


St. Pierre Presidential Horseshoe Set

For those who agree that some things are not to be fussed with, this good, old-fashioned horseshoe set makes for a tried-and-true party diversion. Simple enough for a relaxed guest to take a few tosses and still kick back in the conversation, but lively enough to spark up the situation, a good game of horseshoes needs nothing more than a few feet of ground and winning attitudes to take the party into the night.


James Perse Limited Edition Pool Table

From clothing designer James Perse comes an ambitious take on the traditional pool table. Constructed from environmentally-farmed solid teak with black worsted wool trimmings, the limited-edition table straddles game center and interior design object, serving its purpose whether your crew is up for shooting pool or putting the matching cover on and gathering around with a few drinks.


Leather Head Football

The Leather Head football is part of a collection of heritage game balls made by hand from premium leather. The hefty football has a sticky feel and is beautifully finished with contrast yellow stitching and hand-sewn laces for an impromptu pickup game of touch just like the old days. Made to last forever, this is a timeless toy that will raise friends to their feet for gatherings to come.

Akiko Croquet Set

Croquet gets streamlined in a collaboration between Japanese designer Akiko Kuwahata and Danish designer Hans Thyge. This handsomely modern iteration of the classic garden game will have teams clamoring to swing their smartly designed mallets and perhaps throw down a wager or two in the name of friendly rivalry.

Teak Pétanque Set

Also desiged by Akiko Kuwahata and Hans Thyge, this pétanque set is an elegant alternative to bocce, a beloved French game popular in Parisian parks every afternoon. The game involves bowling the steel boules as close as possible to a target stick called the jack or cochonnet (literally, “piglet”). Once you’ve got the simple rules down, the joie de vivre comes easily.


Bone Dominoes

This wood and bone set of felt-backed dominoes makes a sharp addition to a refined game room repertoire. Rich but understated, these particular bones strike just the right balance of serious fun for a spirited match with a time-honored spirit.


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