Warm Weather Lawn Games

From bocce ball to boomerangs, activities to take to the park or beach

The warm weather stirs up a restlessness in all of us. Once you’ve finished up your picnic in the park or grilling in the yard, turn to these lawn games for easy group entertainment—no WiFi required.

Lumbürr Co Six-Pack-O-Kubb

While the origins of kubb are shrouded in mystery, the Swedish lawn game isn’t shy on strategic fun. It’s more than a mission to knock down wooden blocks (kubbs) by throwing around wooden batons. It’s a tossing game with an edge. From Toronto’s Lumbürr Co comes the travel-ready Six-Pack-O-Kubb ($166). It’s all made from locally sourced wood and comes complete with everything you need to play (whether you’re playing one-on-one or team versus team). On top of that, the wooden carrying case doubles nicely as a beer bottle six pack carrier.

Bocce Set

This colorful, polka-dotted Bocce set ($320) from Brooklyn-based design studio Fredericks & Mae feels like a work of art that you wouldn’t mind scattered on the living room carpet. The set—eight hand-painted wooden balls and a jack—is so cheerful that even losers will stay in a good mood.

Backyard Croquet Set

This Backyard Croquet Set ($186) is the perfect addition to any summer lawn party. With a colorful arrangement of wooden mallets, balls, goal stakes and metal wickets that all fit into one canvas bag, up to four people can easily channel their Alice in Wonderland and play a lively game of croquet.

Flying Dutchman Kite

On a windy midsummer day, decorate the blue sky with Haptic Lab Studio’s large Flying Dutchman kite ($76). Hand-crafted by artisans in Bali, this sailing ship kite is a decorative work of craftsmanship that soars through the clouds—and looks equally beautiful on a shelf when “docked” indoors.

Boomerang by Gabriel Orozco

The latest issue of conceptual object-based periodical The Thing Quarterly happens to be a boomerang designed by renowned Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco, who’s fond of the activity—as it’s a meditative experience that connects the body, breath and environment. His sleek “Black Feather” boomerang ($85) is individually silk-screened and manufactured in the USA.

Beach Paddle Set

Detroit’s Shinola and San Francisco furniture design studio Whyte have collaborated to bring on a revitalized classic, this Beach Paddle Set ($160)—an activity that requires no net. The minimalist plywood and hardwood paddles are finished with a light coat of wax to maximize durability. These lightweight paddles are ready to go wherever—just bring along a squash ball and some competitive spirit.

Images courtesy of respective brands