Victoria Wilmotte’s Pli Side Table

An elegant, sculptural creation from the French designer

Using a combination of complex geometries, angles and finishes, French designer Victoria Wilmotte creates striking pieces that beg the eye to search for more. Her latest design, the Pli Side Table, is a perfect example of how a home furnishing can exude the appeal of a gallery-worthy sculpture. Produced by contemporary design retailer ClassiCon, the Pli Side Table is a contrast in form. Its angular base is constructed from folded, high-gloss polished stainless steel that’s been coated with Inox-Spectral—a specialized process which creates an iridescent luster. Above sits an oval crystal glass tabletop that’s available either color-lacquered, glossy- or satin-finished.

The table’s distinct, rectilinear base is a direct response to the Inox-Spectral coating Willamotte decided to use. “The unique shape has been inspired by the technicality of the material,” she tells CH. “I decided to fold it because of its colors, and by folding it, it creates even more colors. So it’s a kind of industrial sculptural object, that’s born from industry and sculpture.”

The Pli is available in four colors (green, blue, bronze and black shimmer) yet each version is reflective and offers much more than a simple block color. The table is currently on view at ClassiCon’s booth at the 2016 IMM Cologne international interiors shows. Contact your local ClassiCon retailer for purchase and pricing information.

Images courtesy of ClassiCon