Sir Norman Foster's bespoke tool set and more from a preeminent Swiss woodworker


Created for prominent English architect Norman Foster, WohnGeist‘s cabinet of woodshop tools is hardwearing and austerely decorative. The wooden handles—rosewood, boxwood, pear, red oak—are finished with natural products, and the cutting implements feature premium blades.


Established in 1991 by Stefan Senn, WohnGeist of Switzerland carries the tradition of woodworking into the 21st century with its range of custom furniture, cabinetry and accessories. The Basel-based firm embraces an ethos of responsibility, rigorously meeting Swiss industry regulations and using natural materials in more than 95 percent of its manufacturing.

Wongeist_childrensled1.jpg Wohngeist_adultsled1.jpg

In addition to crafting gorgeous kitchens and other custom furniture, several products in the WohnGeist catalog, from simply-hewn side tables to gorgeous salt shakers caught our eye.

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But its their tool chest and sleds for children and adults—which feature solid ash formed by steam, woven seats and stainless steel runners—which make lasting, excellent, and pricey (toolboxes start around €7,000 with tools) gifts.