Papelote Stationery

Love for paper meets elegant graphic design in collections from the Prague shop and studio

by Adam tch


Founded in 2009 by Kateina achov, Filip ach and Denisa Havrdov, Papelote is a Czech stationery company specializing in the production of quality accessories for work and everyday life. Born from the passion for paper and graphic design, Papelote was the final school project by achov, who studied at the Academy of Arts and Design in Prague. After the first collection of notebooks, textile pen cases and other small goods, achov decided to extend the production and bring the company to life alongside her husband Filip and friend Denisa Havrdov.


“Papelote is new Czech stationery, where paper is not a simple base for writing but material full of flavor, scent, sound and color,” achov explains. Actual production of Papelote includes notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, wrapping paper, pencil cases, book covers, felt products and more. Everything is made in the Czech Republic from environmentally-friendly materials. “We wanted to fill the gap in the stationery market in the Czech Republic by presenting paper as a material with a long and rich history and with wide possibilities for use today,” she continues.


Papelote builds on the Czech paper-making tradition with new graphic and lifestyle influences. The visual form of paper products is based on bright colors and minimalist designs, typography and illustration. Often, designers look back and use vintage formssuch as old-school notebooksin a fresh and poetic way. Some notebooks and journals include small functional details such as rubber bands for carrying pencils and other knickknacks. The company also creates felt products, such as their roll-up pencil case and envelope-shaped pocket case. Some cases and small packs made from Tyvek paper are also in production.


In 2010, Papelote opened its own stationery showroom in the center of Prague designed by friends from the young progressive studio A1 Architects. The store includes workshops as well, where most of the products are developed and produced. The designers have also created a collection of notebooks for MUMOK in Vienna and a signature series for Czech furniture manufacturer Ton, featuring original vintage technical sketches of chairs.

Images courtesy of Papelote