Yes Future!

Five eco-friendly innovations for food and travel at the forward-thinking exhibition

The thematic exhibition “Yes Future!” at this season’s Maison et Objet show in Paris unveiled visionary novelties, and while browsing the show, it was obvious that environmental concern is currently one of the major motors of design. These five examples from the eco-conscious exhibition highlight innovations for food and travel.

Cookup Inox

With a look that seems pulled straight from a space invasion flick, the solar barbecue “Cookup Inox” by ID Cook consists of an orbital array of stainless steel panels that redirect sun beams toward the centrally located cooking pot. Made in France, the solar device is able to heat rapidly up to 200° to allow for quick cooking. The disc-shaped cooker works without smoke or CO2 emissions for a truly green culinary experience.


Decafé Bowls

Though at first sight the “Decafé” bowls by Spanish designer Raúl Laurí Pla look like any other handmade ethnic bowls, it turns out these crafty housewares are forged from coffee grounds. Looking for a new way to recycle everyday waste, the designer resourcefully turned residue into substantial material to use once again in the kitchen.



The ultra-compact Renault Twizy electric car is just 7.6 feet long, four feet wide and tips the scales at a featherweight 920 pounds. The commuter features a 62-mile range for city driving, a recharge time of 3.5 hours and a top speed of 50 MPH. Technically classified as a “heavy quadricycle,” the street-legal auto is gradually making its way into the hands of European consumers.


Macedonia Shoe

Imagined by designer Janne Kyttanen for Freshfiber, the Macedonia shoe is inspired by the famous Macedonia tray, which is now part of the MoMA permanent collection. The shoes are made using a 3D printing technique, which allows for the production of small quantities and the recycling of surplus material—thereby reducing transport and energy costs. Available at Freedom of Creation, another, more tech-savvy version of the shoe comes with an iPhone stand.


The Scent of Departure

The Scent of Departure” is a brand that makes it possible to bring back memories of metropolitan travel destinations. This clever packaging resembles luggage stickers and is marked with the airport code of the locale. The aromas of Singapore, Bali, Vienna and Abu Dhabi will soon be available in the duty-free sections of airports.

Images by Isabelle Doal