YesPleaseMore Pop Up Store

Colorado's creative community bands together with a temporary retail space


Taking a cue from the commercial world, a Colorado organization recently jumped on the pop-up bandwagon again with YesPleaseMore, a temporary store featuring locally-crafted goods from more than 70 Colorado-based artists and designers. The retail project is part of a three-pronged initiative to provide an economic development platform that gives credence and support to a recent report that the state’s creative industry is its fifth largest economic producer. (An unsurprising fact since Colorado ranks fifth nationally for it’s high concentration of artists.)

yespleasecol1.jpg yespleasecol2.jpg

The resulting shop offers a massive variety of made-in-Colorado products, including furniture, skis, jewelry, stationery, art prints and larger installation pieces.


Founders Brian Corrigan and Samuel Schimek give 70% of the profits back to the original designers and artists, while the remaining 30% benefits YesPleaseMore’s ongoing development efforts, including a free work space for networking opportunities in an environment conducive to its participants’ working needs, as well as starter grants for creative entrepreneurs. Every three months, three local applicants whose projects earn the most public votes will receive $500 dollars in funding.

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Visit the shop, located at the Denver Pavilions, through the end of February.