YSL: Prêt-à-Porter Coloring and Activity Book

Take on the unparalleled French designer with little more than a set of Crayons


Wish you had the design chops to work at YSL? Well, with Abrams’ forthcoming “coloring, activity and inspiration book,” you may not be able to add the inimitable fashion house to your rsum but you can surely show off your skills and arguably have a lot more fun doing so. The “YSL: Prt–Porter” creativity book offers both an inside look at Yves Saint Laurent’s sketchbook and resulting designs, as well as a space to add your own accents and ideas.


Highly invested fans of YSL will enjoy pages like “The 1967 Summer Lady”every drawing from that year’s S/S collection, except for two. Fill in the missing silhouettes, and color them to match the others, which are shown alongside photographs of the actual fabric swatches Saint Laurent had attached his sketches. Or make this your chance to insert your own YSL-inspired designs, add them there, on the carte blanche page or one of the purposely “Left Bank” left blank outline illustrations.


You certainly don’t need to be an aspiring fashion designer to enjoy this activity book. Even children will enjoy filling its pages, plus there is the opportunity to teach them early about one of the masters of contemporary style while they give their Crayons an artistic workout.


An enticing creative outlet fit for all ages, “YSL: Prt–Porter Coloring, Activity and Inspiration Book” is available beginning 7 May 2013 for $13.

Images of the book by Karen Day