Breville Variable-Temperature Kettle


An improvement on how coffee and tea are brewed, the Breville Variable-Temperature Kettle eliminates any guesswork when it comes to water temperature offering a more consistent and exact cup of joe.

Coffee and tea addicts know that water temperature is one of the most important variables in brewing a good cup. Whether it's green tea or french press coffee Breville has preset temperature settings for each ensuring the correct temp for each variety. In all, 5 pre-set brewing temperatures—green is brewed at 175°, white at 185°, oolong at 195°, french press at 200° and black tea at 212°—elicit the perfect drinking profile and there is even a "hold temp" function that keeps water heated at selected temperatures for up to 20 minutes.

Made of stainless steal, it features water level indicators on both sides and a start stop button making it super easy to use. The handle even stays cool—a common problem with some other kettles—and it looks good on the kitchen counter.

Available from Amazon or Sur La Table for $150.

via NYtimes